Tweed Heads Vegas Motel - Initiatives for Environmental Conservation

The Vegas Motel at Tweed Heads has qualified for a AAA Green star rating as well as the Golden Chain Environmental Program

We are implementing the following features of the Golden Chain and AAA Environmental Initiatives:

Estimated Energy Savings of 78% for lighting

Room lighting consumed 745 watts prior to the use of energy efficient lighting which now uses only 163 watts. This saves 14 kwh per room per day or up to 107064 kwh annually.

Estimated Water Conservation of 669775 Litres per annum

Flow restrictors on showers will save up to 600L / day (based on saving 3L/min for an average 8 minute shower for 1.7 people per room with occupancy at 70%.) Rainwater cistern flushing will save 1235L per day (based on 12L/flush, 7 flushes per day and 70% occupancy)

Estimated Energy Savings of 86.7% for water heating and flow restriction

Based on 15L/min prior to flow restriction and 8L/min after, and 75% energy savings by using heat pump versus electric storage heating.